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                MULCH AND SOILS


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We stock one of the largest ranges of Mulch and Soil in Melbourne.

Available in Bulk or bags. Including Blackwood Mulch, Redwood Mulch, Terracotta Chips, Brownwood Mulch, Euca or Eucy Mulch, Pine Mulch, Softfall Mulch, Redgum Chips and Moisture Mulch.

We also stock a range of Compost including Organic Compost and Mushroom Compost and Blended Soils including a Top Soil, Turf Blend Soil, Garden Soil Blend, Sandy Loam and A special Vegie Mix Soil perfect for Vegie Gardens including Raised Bed Vegie Gardens.





Topsoil ......light sandy organic mix



Blended Soil ..................Light sandy organic mix with added compost (ideal for native plants etc)



Top Dressing Soil..........Mix of topsoil,compost and sand ideal for top dressing


Lawn Blend Soil.............Light sandy organic mix



Vegie mix ......Topsoil blended with composts and fertilisers ideal for vegie gardens etc



One off mix.....................Mixed specifically to your requirements


Special Garden Mix..............Blended soil with added organic compost to your requirements




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 Pinebark Mulch
12mm natural tan colour.
Provides organic nutrients, reduces garden maintenance and retains moisture


Garden Mulch
Recycled mulch made up of chipped organic matter including timber and plant material that has decomposed naturally


Euca Mulch
A natural, premium quality ground cover that retains moisture and suppresses weeds



Redwood Mulch
Recycled hardwood dyed with a non-toxic long lasting colour



Blackwood Mulch
Recycled hardwood dyed with a non-toxic long lasting colour .


Redgum Chip
20mm traditional redgum colour - long lasting hardwood for landscaping

   playground mulch
Terracotta Chip/Mulch.  A long lasting replacement for Redgum Chip.  Brownwood mulch-Non toxic dark brown stained hardwood  Softfall/Playground mulch. Complies to safety standards for use in playgrounds.

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